Effective pricing can make or break your business. Being able to sell well-established products -- at similar prices to competitors -- draws customers to your business... A company that offers you access to fair "Costs", is a company that helps you level the playing-field.

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There is no fine print. Just a simple program.

COREpricing powered by PromoEQP puts you a on level playing field with thousands of distributors that already benefit from competitive pricing. Without giving up your identity or any of your profit.

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The only way it doesn’t work, is if you don’t use it.

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You’re free to price wisely with your Buyers — while trusting in the Suppliers you are using.

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Stay independent. Be yourself. And still get competitive pricing.

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Try COREpricing free for 1 month. That’s how sure we are you’ll love it!

Want to know why we believe COREpricing is the right choice for you?

We know large group/company pricing abuses have destroyed the "List Price" model. *** Which is why COREpricing was the first to respond with offering the traditionally Independent Distributor access to the NEW Fair Pricing standard...

We know that online distributorships are setting themselves up to be the new price standard for the End-Buyers. *** So COREpricing's program offers a distributor the chance to proactively address the issue of price -- and then focus on positioning themselves as their own competitive advantage.

We know the importance of the first order -- because if done right, that leads to client reorders. *** Which is why we designed our program around Supplier stability. We unequivocally reject the tired Buying Group game of leveraging Supplier pricing -- and organizer rebates -- with unreliable and fluctuating group sales volume. By rejecting the games,COREpricing has successfully established a secure and growing program that allows You to benefit from "first order" sweat equity when the reorders come in year after year.

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The Supplier Partners of COREpricing represent the Top of Mind, Top 50, & Top Rated Suppliers in the Industry!

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Stop wasting time on the phone with Suppliers begging for better pricing, and spend more time selling!

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The only way COREpricing doesn’t work, is if you don’t use it!


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