We provide competitive pricing to promotional product distributors of all sizes from quality suppliers to ensure that they are able to focus on building their business.  



A competitive marketplace, with fair access to pricing, that allows distributor quality to be the dominant factor in who a buyer does business with.



  • Fair and evolving
  • Distributor need focused
  • Purposefully unconventional
  • Adaptable, amenable, empathetic



In 2013 we saw an imbalance that created an opportunity. This was the ability to even the playing field for distributors of all sizes by providing consistent access to competitive pricing. While simple in design, this basic approach disrupted the abusive pricing practices that became standard in the traditional hierarchy of the promotional products industry.  

For ten years now, PromoEQP has maintained the same simple approach of providing distributors with the only thing they are blocked from achieving for themselves, unburdened access to the competitive pricing they needed from the supplier they wanted to use.

What we believe is that the center of the process is the distributor. Our job is to eliminate price as the issue. In removing the objection of “I can get it cheaper elsewhere,” distributors are able to focus on being their own competitive advantage and building close relationships with their customers. We are supporting them with suppliers who are the absolute best at what they do and resources to do their business the best way they can so they are able to focus on their community of buyers, business partners, and friends. 

What we promise, as a member of our community, is we have your back. 

  • We do not take rebates from suppliers
  • We do help with problem resolution when your order has an issue
  • We do not require disclosure of your financial data
  • We do provide you with outside resources to help you grow
  • We do not require you to use any specific supplier over any others
  • We just want to see you succeed. In the best way possible.  

Our community has grown into one of the largest in the promotional products industry, and we are constantly evolving. Who we are today is different from who we will become because the needs of the distributor are always changing. Whatever direction we take, we have the needs of the distributor and our community at the heart of our decisions.