April Update

  • Apr 1, 2020

You are the reason I don’t panic.

There are 2 essential reasons why YOU are irreplaceable in this Industry — even more so, they are the same reasons why YOU will come out of this situation better and stronger than before.

  1. The relationship you have with the Client… and,

  2. Your accountability to the Client AND the Order.

That right there is why a website will never eliminate you, a Supplier can’t completely bypass you, and why YOU are more important RIGHT NOW than EVER been before.

Given your connection to the Client — and your ability to shoulder the responsibility of quality and delivery — there is no one more important to this Industry than you are. Moreover, with questions as to “what” people can and should be sharing, the Client will need your guidance and expertise more than ever before.

Basically… THIS is the time for you to take control of your offerings and demonstrate how our Industry is responsive, connected, and vital.

Some good tips I’ve learned from Distributors…

  • Now is a great time to explore putting your Clients TOGETHER on joint endeavors to help local community programs or support “take-out” restaurants. This has the affect of helping to offset their costs — while putting their names onto a positive initiative (additionally, it potentially introduces YOU to new referrals… That’s a Win-Win-Win).

  • RE-familiarize yourself with Supplier offerings. Suppliers like HUB are doing virtual trade shows to keep you informed. WE MUST SUPPORT THEM — because knowing what is available, means better supporting your Client.

  • Keep eyes on Supplier packages and programs in the DEALS — and reward those Suppliers who are addressing the global concerns. Suppliers like Lincoln Line, Zipline, and Maple Ridge are specifically offering Care Kit programs.

  • Think a little different… BIC’s new blogs highlight alternative approaches with exploring: Employee appreciation, mailed Care Kits, Door-to-Door drop-offs, Community Bags focused on a food or goods drives.


We will get through this…

Thanks again…

Jeremy Chacon