Promonoise -- The Podium

Dec 29, 2022

We all want to stand on the podium, don’t we? I mean, who doesn’t want that incredible feeling that comes along with being recognized for your excellence? What so many of us forget, t...

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Promonoise -- Change Your Bio

Nov 30, 2022

Change Your Bio, Change Your Life Something unexpected happened the other night: I was answering some correspondence on LinkedIn and suddenly felt the urge to change my bio (or what LinkedIn calls...

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The Beachball and the Pool

Oct 31, 2022

I have a pool. I think we keep it at a pretty warm temperature... but my seven year old disagrees. He’s a skinny little guy, as both his mom and I were, at that age. In other words, he do...

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The Sweet Sounds of Promonoise

Oct 26, 2021

PromoEQP welcomes our newest Distributor resource... Promonoise Reverse Engineering the Outcome Too often we blame others for our misfortunes. Too often we believe that circumstance has...

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HPG... A Supplier who's got your back

Aug 15, 2021

PromoEQP is thrilled to announce an exciting NEW approach to Supplier webinars. The foundation of this new video series is based off of the two truths in our Industry… The Distrib...

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RE-WATCH the HUB Promotional Group Virtual Trade Show NOW

Apr 08, 2020

If you didn’t see it “LIVE”… then relive it NOW! Without a question, the HPG Virtual Event was simply phenomenal! It was EXACTLY what PromoEQP is seeking to de...

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