Introduction: Short Story, Big Picture

  • Oct 31, 2023




I know you are busy and don’t think that you have time to read this. Everyone you cold call or meet for the first time while networking is thinking the same thing about hearing your introduction. Now, with this in mind, this part of the monthly PromoEQP newsletter is going to be a short piece to help you achieve your long-term goals, aka the big picture.

Coming up with your introduction “elevator pitch” for when you meet people for the first time is one of the most important tools to develop for your business. This is the one time that you get to tell someone who you are or what you do completely judgment-free. There are no previous interactions to steer attention away…you have their full attention. Here are three key points I try to remember when creating these intros:

1. Concise Clarity: Craft a clear message that conveys what you do, your unique value proposition, and who your target audience is, all within 30 seconds or less.

2. Engaging Storytelling: Make your pitch memorable by weaving in a compelling story or example that illustrates the problem your business solves or the benefits it offers, connecting with your audience on a personal or emotional level.

3. Adaptability and Relevance: Tailor your elevator pitch to the specific audience or situation, highlighting the aspects of your business that are most relevant to the listener's needs or interests, ensuring it resonates and leaves a lasting impression.


So, how did I do? Instead of starting this blog with a bland intro, I made you aware that I knew what you were thinking before you read this, what your potential clients are thinking before meeting you, and informed you on why it will benefit you to read this monthly blog. 

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