Promonoise -- Feelin' It

  • Feb 28, 2022


Success is just another word in the English language that limits our capabilities. Some will tell you that a desired outcome is the definition of success. Others will tell you that it’s a progressive endeavor. Either way, it’s an inadequate word to describe something that can only really be experienced.

The concept of success is an important topic to discuss because it approximates something that each of us feels, every day. When you move your arm to scratch an itch, you’re succeeding. When you quench your thirst, you’re succeeding. When you deliberately fall asleep, you’re succeeding. In short, we succeed all day, every day.

Yet, we want more, don’t we?

More success. We want it. We seem to need it.

Maybe it’s as vital as the oxygen we breathe.

If success is a destination, then it’s a point in time and space. And if it’s a journey, then it’s a vector. But don’t you feel, in your heart, that it’s both, yet neither of those things? I’ve accomplished many great things in life; stood atop the proverbial mountain and claimed it, “success!” And I’ve also raised children (am still raising children) and call that success. Yet I know inherently what success feels like, regardless of how it’s defined. When I zoom out and examine a career or a relationship, I realize that each is a pastiche of experiences, some painful and others joyous, but capable of being defined as successful. Thus, to believe that success equals happiness is actually quite limiting. Success might just be the constituent parts and the outcome.

Success is really just experience; and experience is really just movement.

If you deliberately do something, every day, that moves you closer to your goal, then you’re experiencing the movement of success and all the feelings that truly make-up your success. If you feel that you’re not moving fast enough, try something different. Different actions create different results. I was on a phone call the other day and the person I was speaking with told me that his greatest successes have come from analyzing his failures and then moving-on. I found his language to be most intriguing. When he “moves-on” he’s vectoring to a goal or a desire. He equates success with the ability to move-on with experience. Isn’t that fascinating?! Therefore, it’s truly the entire experience that constitutes what many call success.

The beauty of being human is that we are in control of our movement.

At any given moment, we get to feel what it’s like to be in action. We get to choose if we’ll continue feeling the way we feel or if we’ll change the action and the resulting feeling. That’s pretty empowering.

So as you attempt to contemplate just how successful you are, ditch the label and begin tuning-in to how you feel. That’s the real measure of success; in fact, feelin’ it is success.

Let’s keep making beautiful noise together!



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