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  • Oct 26, 2021

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Reverse Engineering the Outcome


Too often we blame others for our misfortunes.  Too often we believe that circumstance has created our reality.  But as I shared in the last blog episode entitled, “Looking Inside,” our beliefs create the entire outcome of our lives.  I know this to be true because I’ve studied enough successful people to know that they are the authors of their own good fortune, in spite of negative circumstances that may befall them, from time to time.  I’m also living proof of someone who refuses to allow circumstance and any other person to formulate the way in which I see my life.  In other words, I’m responsible for my own outcome - nobody and nothing else is.


Whenever I conduct one-on-one meetings with people and we begin to discuss what it is they truly want to accomplish, I always ask this simple question: “Are YOU willing to do what it takes to achieve your objective?”  Most people will answer, “yes” to this question.  And then they’ll proceed to tell me what stands in their way.


What always stands in your way, is YOU.  The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will understand that you can truly have whatever it is you want.  So here’s my lesson today…


Whatever it is you want, desire, or wish to accomplish will be realized when you embody that which you desire.  Go ahead, read that last sentence again!  By becoming the person that already has the material goods you want; your decisions and your actions will begin to reflect the person that has what they desire.  By becoming the version of yourself that you wish to become, you will make all of the decisions that bring you to your “new self.”  Let’s use health as an example.  If you wanted to lose 20 lbs., ask yourself what you (who’s twenty pounds less) would eat, what they’d drink, what kind of activities they’d do, how you’d see yourself in the mirror, and how you’d feel.  Now begin to embody that new person.  Perhaps the version of you that’s twenty pounds lighter doesn’t eat take-out chicken wings twice a week anymore.  Maybe they’ve cut out high sugar content juices.  Maybe they walk every evening.  Maybe they love themselves when they look inside. 


Why should your goal be in the distance?  Why should you work towards your goal when you can have it today?  Know that it’s yours the minute you decide it’s yours.  Oh, you’re going to work for it, but you’re the one that told me what you really want.  So, are you willing to work for it?  Are you willing to become the person that has or is whatever you want?  If not, you may as well stop reading.  Or keep on reading and put this to the test in a few years, when you’re ready.


When I worked at Debco, I was NEVER given a promotion.  I created every single one of my promotions.  How did I do this?  I became the person in the position I desired.  I moved from an Account Manager to National Sales Manager because I began sharing insights and guiding the sales team.  When I advised management of my decision to become the National Sales Manager, nobody opposed it.  When I desired to become the VP of Sales, I added more value by stepping it up and making larger decisions and taking-on the responsibilities of a VP of Sales.  Nobody opposed me when I informed the team of my decision to become a VP.  I could go on, but you get the point.


What do you want? These are four of the most important words strung together in the English language that I can conceive of.  You can accomplish whatever you want.  But you must be willing to become the person that’s already accomplished what you want.  You must be willing to change, and that’s a hard thing for most people.  But stick with me, and in future episodes, I’ll teach you how you can change.  It won’t be easy and it’s not for the faint of heart.  In fact, most people don’t have the tenacity to do it.  Your habits are going to taunt you; they’re going to pull you back; they’re going to mock you; and they’re going to deceive you.  But who you truly are, deep down inside, is so unbelievably powerful that you can kick those habits to the curb, if you’re willing to put-in the work.


Are you ready?  Begin by reverse engineering the outcome.


Thanks for reading.  Let’s make some beautiful noise together!



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