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SAGE & PromoEQP Quick Tips

Quick tips to simplifying access to Supplier information…

Supplier Policies by clicking on “PromoEQP 2020 Pricing Policy” from the product page

This was one of the major focuses for the SAGE partnership… Making sure that all of the available PromoEQP pricing information was as available to you right through the SAGE platform, as it is on the PromoEQP website.


The process is simple. Right on the product screen, there is a link titled “PromoEQP 2020 Pricing Policy” under the pricing grid (see the GREEN arrow on the image below). Once clicked on SAGE Online, a pop-up window opens and details the Supplier’s full pricing policy AND any additional order benefits.


For access to this information through the Supplier search, follow these steps:

  • Supplier “Main Page” to...

  • “My Supplier Info” tab to...

  • “Pricing” tab to...

  • Full pricing information under “Detailed Note” field.

The goal is to make this easier and more efficient for our Distributors. Please don’t hold back any suggestions or ideas that YOU believe will make this process easier.


For those Distributors using services outside of SAGE, PromoEQP is still available to help and support your business. The PromoEQP website is being actively updated with simpler features and a more user-friendly interface.


Additionally, we are more than happy to schedule a time to work with you on getting your search platform as maximized and as efficient as possible with PromoEQP’s preferred Suppliers.


Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions... thoughts... or ideas.

Thanks again.


Jeremy Chacon


SAGE & PromoEQP Quick Tips
SAGE and PromoEQP Announce Technology Relationship

SAGE and PromoEQP Announce Technology Relationship

PromoEQP is proud to announce the establishment of a technological relationship with SAGE.

After comparing technology service providers in the Promotional Product Industry, PromoEQP has selected to focus exclusively on it's established relationship with SAGE.

Through this relationship PromoEQP Distributors will easily locate products from the Suppliers that they have the greatest benefit in doing business with -- while also having the ability to proactively AND competitively market products from PromoEQP Suppliers on their SAGE websites and through SAGE's marketing resources. Furthermore, this relationship will allow PromoEQP to populate SAGE Business Services with the Monthly Discount Codes -- which will further ease the process of placing orders.

What does this relationship provide the Distributor Subscribers of PromoEQP?

  • First... PromoEQP Suppliers will be listed in SAGE Search as "Preferred Vendors". In addition to this, Supplier pricing policies will begin populating the SAGE platform. .
  • Second... The PromoEQP Monthly Discount Code will begin to populate within SAGE's business services. This will enable a Distributor to be more efficient in building out their Purchase Orders.
  • Third... SAGE's End-Buyer facing websites will organically prioritize products from PromoEQP Suppliers whenever a Buyer does a product search. Additionally, the Distributor will have pricing controls for these products -- meaning that the Distributor will be able to truly present themselves COMPETITIVELY online.
  • Fourth... As Distributor needs evolve, so too will the SAGE/PromoEQP relationship. Together each organization has committed to focusing and addressing Distributor challenges in pricing, communication, and technology.
  • Finally... PromoEQP Distributors will benefit from an Industry best 15% Discount on SAGE programs and services.

    For more information regarding this strategic relationship and what it could mean to your business, feel free to reach out to PromoEQP at:
    877-750-2958 or email:

    Members of SAGE can elect to take advantage of these services by contacting SAGE directly at 800-925-7243