PEQP Updates

PEQP Updates

New Year... New Suppliers!

Feb 03

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UNISHIPPERS webinar replay

Nov 12, 2020

For any questions about shipping or pricing, please reach out to Neil DiBiccari, of Unishippers, directly. His information is: Neil DiBiccari | Franchise Owner ______________________________...

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BagMakers COVID Products Replay

Oct 20, 2020

Replay the October 20th Bagmakers Presentation COVID-19 Products Click HERE to download the matching PDF document

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3M Webinar Replay

Oct 14, 2020

3M Encore Presentation Available to View Click for the Full Video Replay I can't thank Sara Fette enough for this phenomenal presentation. If anyone has any questions for Sara, don't hesitate to rea...

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Gemline webinar Tuesday, October 6th.

Oct 09, 2020

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Replay the Showdown Webinar

Sep 11, 2020

Related materials to the Showdown webinar are available below: Showdown Website Login and Free Distributor Websites – Using a login for our website gives you immediate access to you...

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Messages from the Dip

Aug 31, 2020

*** Please note: This is an ongoing commentary published through Updated commentaries will be first available through this link:

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ZOOM Meeting with Ad-N-Art & CNIJ

Jun 30, 2020

Take part in an exclusive to PromoEQP opportunity... Coming up on July 9th at Noon Eastern Time (9am PST), the people at Ad-N-Art and CNIJ will be offering an interactive ZOOM meeting for the Dist...

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SAGE Discussion Group: "PromoEQP Community"

May 29, 2020

The new PromoEQP Community Group is now "live" Simply join the group from right inside SAGE The new PromoEQP Community is the ideal way for all of us to keep connected, share ideas, put out new S...

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RE-WATCH the HUB Promotional Group Virtual Trade Show NOW

Apr 08, 2020

If you didn’t see it “LIVE”… then relive it NOW! Without a question, the HPG Virtual Event was simply phenomenal! It was EXACTLY what PromoEQP is seeking to devel...

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April Update

Apr 01, 2020

You are the reason I don’t panic. There are 2 essential reasons why YOU are irreplaceable in this Industry — even more so, they are the same reasons why YOU will come out of this situatio...

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